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26 March 2006

Last Night Show…

The venue was heaving with people; Bar Bluu on Glasgow’s Trongate was the bar my one woman show was being held last night.
Downstairs Ashley had set up the camera and my mate Rob was coming along to make sure the filming went ok, as Ashley was doing her karaoke gig elsewhere.
There were too many people not enough seats, so I managed to get the restaurant upstairs to bring down some more seats and get everyone comfortable for the show.
The gig sold out and some people had to be turned away as we had no more room to let them in.
There was a lovely couple in their 70’s who came along to celebrate their 50 years of marriage! Their family asked them what they wanted for a gift and they asked to come see my show! How amazing is that?
So they sat in the front and we had a great laugh with them what a cool couple they were, so open minded and up for a laugh.
I did about two hours on stage, I really loved it and the show went so well, most of the stuff was unscripted some of the shorter bits I had done before, but generally it was a whole new show!
I have the film and am having it edited tonight, it will have clips go on livedigital alongside my other downloads and photos, they host it for me and it’s so cool, such a great site to be honest.
I am on BBC Radio 5 live on Monday night talking about this blog as my new show is Janey Godley’s Blog Live! and it goes to Soho Theatre before it goes to Edinburgh Fringe.
So tonight I am chilling out as its Mothers Day and I am having a rest._

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  1. Katherine Raeburn

    hi Jane, was at Bar Bluu last night with my friend and not laughed so much for ages and for the whole gig. Are you doing Edinburgh Fringe this year ?