What's new with Janey
28 March 2006

My Blog Live!

I am thinking about trying to do my three week-one hour nightly show at the Edinburgh Fringe to stream live on the web?
It means I will need to find somewhere to host it, but it also means people from all over the globe can sit at home and watch an Edinburgh Fringe show live in their house!
Other than that piece of innovative thinking, I have been doing nothing but paperwork and trying to get organised.
I am so lazy one minute and thinking so many things the next.
Ashley is the devil incarnate just now, what the fuck is wrong with my 19 year old? She wakes up and is actually the scariest fucker in the world….it takes her hours to be normal and even tempered. When she was a toddler, she was the happiest wee girl in the world; she used to actually wake up singing!
Now she is like Myra Hindley the child killer on crack. I may have to kill her and pretend she has run away.
Glasgow went ‘No Smoking’ on Sunday and all the streets are lined with people standing outside bars smoking in the freezing cold! That’s all we need…really angry Scottish people, the heart disease rate has gone down but people are stabbing each other in fury!
I haven’t been out to a bar or café yet so I have no idea how people are coping.
The law states that you cannot smoke indoors in any public building…I think publicans will build wee out-houses with gas heaters to stop the smokers getting pneumonia, they may never get cancer but they will get hypothermia!
So it is Tuesday and Ashley and I have been writing sketches for our show at the Fringe and its been fun, she really can make me laugh (but not in the mornings).
Husband meanwhile is planning on faking his own death and running away as we both are very volatile performers and he is Aspergers man with no imagination, yet seems to think it is ok to interrupt our flow of creativity to say something really fucking obscure that no audience will ever understand UNLESS they have Autism or Aspergers! Maybe he can do his own show
“My opinion on Barbed wire, unleavened bread, Lawrence of Arabia and films about Religion”
Because he can talk for hours on these subjects, I am serious; this man natters on about the most unbelievable mundane, uninteresting subjects and knows fucking shed loads of shit about them.
It must be hard being him -caught in the cross fire of two very sharp minded, fast talking, quick thinking females who can talk for Scotland._