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29 March 2006

Strange Man in the street…

I walked to the shops today; Glasgow was bright but very cold. We even had a partial eclipse of the sun today and I partially missed it! I looked up and tried not to burn my eyes, saw something in the sky….could have been big fat pigeon blocking the sun am not sure but I felt I should mention it.
Anyway, I managed to record my second Live Blog today and you can check it out on Livedigital.com just go to the home page and put my name in- Janey Godley and it will take you to my video’s and media sorry I had to make you work for it -as some of these blog pages don’t support a link!
So there I was walking to the shops and I saw a man coming towards me, he made eye contact and smiled, I smiled and walked on.
Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned quickly to face the guy I had just passed.
“Janey?” He asked.
“Sorry. Do I know you?” I replied.
“Yes, we went to school together, I am Steven; I was your date for the dance in 1977” he smiled.
I felt my heart stop…I did recall him, Holy Crap I used to have a big crush on him when I was 16, and there stood this old man with a baldy head, big fat stomach, sagging jaw line and grey bristly beard!
I smiled and looked past him at the big furniture shop and saw my own reflection in the window.
I had a scruffy pony tail in my hair, half of it falling out and blowing over my face, my combat trousers looked like they were fighting with my fat arse and with no make up on I looked like his mother.
“You look great” He said (liar) “Listen I saw you on TV and told everyone that I used to go out with you” he added.
“Actually we didn’t go out together you were never my boyfriend” I answered.
“We did” He insisted.
“Listen…nice to meet you again, I need to go I am very old and mental and have seventeen cats to feed” I lied and ran off.
What a bastard, but boy did that bring it all home to me.
I can’t believe I am middle aged, I never saw it in me until I saw it in him.
He was gorgeous back in the 1970’s. Tall, slim and with thick dark hair and moody blue eyes, he didn’t actually like me back then and took me to the dance and then told me it was because he did it for a bet.
I had spent a whole week terribly excited back then at the prospect that he fancied me and was horribly crushed when he laughed at me…..sounds like a scene from then horror film ‘Carrie’ except I wasn’t capable of sticking a stiletto into his forehead and throwing pots of blood around! If only!
I am sure when he saw me again he was glad he never really did fancy me, fuck I look old and scraggy.
I really need to re think my wardrobe, I need to put in make up and maybe comb the crazy fuck off hair before I leave the house….just in case George Clooney is looking for me, you never know._