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17 August 2005

Radio Ga Ga…

Murder Accusation Update at End of Blog…

I had to go back to Glasgow today to do the Book Show on Radio Clyde. It’s a radio book review show and the guy loved my book so I am very happy about that.

Show last night sold well and am very happy that I have a good five star review on my posters, I also did a stint on Mark Watson 36 hour show, I went on and got a couple of people to feel my breast lump and we discussed cancer, which was fun! Well it is alternative comedy!

No dead birds outside my door today and that can only be a good omen, though I have decided to buy a crossbow and shoot the Gulls for a Fringe past time.

Had a good few comics come see the show last night and that always makes me feel good, no big celebs, just hard working comics who like something different!

Murder accusation Update…

Him-“I am not going to answer any questions today, but you can write then down if you want but it must be in a black pen”

Me-“Did you kill him?”

Him-“Is is written in black pen?”

Me-“No, but can you answer me?”


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  1. Why is it when you have a breast lump that you start seeing omens…for me I found a perfectly formed heart-shaped rock at Tahoe while I was kayaking. May the great power heed our faith in omens.