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18 August 2005

Thursday is Weird!

Murder Accusation at end of blog…

Had fun last night and am really loving this Fringe…I am feeling less tired and had the best time at Mark Watson’s 36 hour extravaganza, I got up and let people feel my breast lump. How we laughed! Brendon Burns decided it was not a lump, just my TIT! (Only Brendon!)

The show is fine and cant wait till I get through the whole thing every night, it’s a true statement that ‘Only The Stage Can set Me Free!’. The people who come up afterwards and tell me they loved it does make it all so worthwhile.

I have had no scary experiences since the near fatal car crash and the scary breast lump, so I fear today’s blog will be boring!

Ashley and I are doing a double act on SPANK this Saturday and that should be fun! She really makes me laugh like no one else!

Murder Accusation Update…

Him-“I didn’t do it I tell you”

Me “Really?”

Him-“Why would you think that?”

Me-“Coz you would be capable”

Him-“I am so not capable of murder, mind you he was a right nasty man”

Me-“So did you?”

Him-“Shoosh, woman go hang up the washing”_