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16 August 2005

Tuesday is a dull day

Murder Accusation at End of Blog

One sore knee, two sore tonsils, one slight hangover, one persistent breast lump and two dead pigeons in backyard.

Can’t believe that there are more dead birds on my door step?? What is that about? Is there a MAFIA BIRD ORGANISATION working in Edinburgh and if so why cant they put a contract out on the fucking Gulls?

More books sold last night at the venue and that is good news for my daughter who is going to Uni in September as she needs the cash!

I get my news for my biopsy this week and am hoping its good news…never the less I will cope if otherwise as I am STRONG JANEY and can take any hand I am dealt with! (I convince myself).

Had a great audience in last night and despite the lack of reviews being printed (I have had so many in but not in print yet) I am keeping up good numbers.

Was so pleased to see Noel Faulkner’s show ‘Shake Rattle and Noel’ get a good 4 star review as that show is awesome. I loved it and anyone reading this who is looking for a good show to go see, should check it out.


Him-“I didn’t do it; you will get me put in prison at this rate”

Me-“No I wont, it is ART”

Him-“People are asking me in the street”

Me-“See I have widened your social circle”
Him-“Shut up”_