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01 July 2008

7 inches from the midday sun

I am so very hot and sticky, but of course I am in Lanzarote. I never knew heat like this, it is relentless and burning every pore in my body. Thank God for the beautiful cool blue swimming pools here in our hotel. I simply wake up, pull on a cozzie, walk down for a chilled orange juice and then fall into the still flat cool pool. Now that’s life!

Floating about…enjoying the peacefulness as there are hardly any guests here, let alone screaming babies or drunks who do pyramids in the pool. Just pure serenity and I love it. Though I have to admit, I am bored. Husband did warn me of this syndrome. Apparently I yearn for peace and quiet and then make enough noise within that space because I am easily bored.

Though Ashley and I have had such a laugh together, she really makes me giggle. We have dinner at night then stretch out on our balcony and chat along to our music till the sun goes down over the ocean. It would be nice of she had a chat with someone under the age of 35, as everyone at this hotel is pretty middle-aged. She still hasn’t quiet gotten over missing Jay-Z at Glastonbury. She will never get over that and it’s my entire fault.

We have some colour, both of us have read three books and both of us have walked some miles in the heat and came to this conclusion.
We hate…

Sticky limbs with sun cream
Hotel sheets
Bars that smell of burgers and bingo
Flip flops
Insects that chase us
Angry cats
Shops that sell cats faces cut out of coconut
The fact that no one sells ceramic donkeys and that’s the one thing Ashley can ask for clearly in Spanish. (Don’t ask me why)
Sand that blows in your face.

So, soon we will be home from our lazy hazy holiday and I am missing husband. He is probably having a great time away from me!_

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  1. Cats Faces Cut out of Coconut?? That I have to see.

    Remember the summers in the 70’s when the Donkey’s where the thing to bring home, and the luggage belt used to be full of these silly 3 ft high donkey’s made of straw!

    Get one of them for husband!