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27 June 2008


I am in Lanzarote. Due to a somewhat worrying medical situation, I missed going to Glastonbury. Ashley and I have come to Lanzarote instead. It was a surprise gift from husband. He knew I would have time off after my minor surgery and decided to treat me. So he sent Ashley and me on a last minute holiday.

I would never have picked Lanzarote in my life. I hate package holidays and despise the smell of beer and kebabs. BUT this place is awesome, it is quiet and huge and the food is wonderful.

We are staying at the Gran Melia Volcain in Playa Blanca. I am stunned at how great the hotel is! Its 5 star in Lanzarote standards and trust me – it shows. I am so relaxed.
Ashley loves the swimming pools and I think our complex has four; I am not sure as we keep stumbling across more stuff as we walk about. The place is quiet and there are hardly any guests – which I am loving.

I imagined Lanzarote to be a place where people eat hot lard and sing the ‘Birdie Song’ continuously as baldy British men beat their wives and kids get sunburnt or ignored for a bingo night.

I haven’t had a proper holiday in years. I am so happy and though am worried about issues surrounding health and family, I am having a great time. I post up some pics when I get back.

Please remember all comedy fans of the blog I am doing my one woman show at Norwich Playhouse on 25th July and at Eden Court Inverness on 27th July.

More news from Lanzarote this week!_

2 Responses

  1. Janey
    Hope that you take the time to recuperate from your medical… Nothing is more important than health. So Enjoy!

    Good Job you didn’t land up in Fuerteventura…… quiet tho it is… they all walk about in the BUFF! Not want you want to be in the middle of with a 3 year old and you are just 3 months post-pregnancy….boobs andbelly everywhere… But then again, I fed the wean so much while I was there the boobs were about three times the size when I came home. I could have fed half the starving weans!

  2. Oaft – I just read that again. I wasn’t breastfeeding the three year old – I also had 3 month old…. sheez – that is too awful (for me) to contemplate.