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22 November 2007

Dead Cat

There is nothing better than getting into your own bed with your favourite pillow and cuddling into it. The familiar smell of your own bedroom is great and hearing Ashley banging doors as she gets up for Uni was even wonderful. I missed my home and am glad to be home from Canada.

When I arrive home from a trip I always do a quick check. I walked around the house to look for deformities.

There is a burnt out blackened saucepan that as yet has to explained, there are black splash marks on my kitchen ceiling that Ashley vehemently denies are there, she tells me I am seeing things. The sofa has a strange dull stain on it and the clothes drying rack refuses to stand up as one of its legs are broken.

The bathroom has no soap and there are four tubes of toothpaste in various states of squeezed-ness (if that’s a word?) and my towels are all damp and I have 17 towels. Can they all be wet at the same time? What happened when I was gone?

I will never know because my daughter has decided I need ask no questions as no answers will be forthcoming.

Life goes on; at least she is alive and well.

I brought home season 5 of 24 and season 7 of Gilmore Girls and I sat up last night watching too much telly. I slept till 4pm today and felt drugged and dizzy. It’s not jetlag, it’s me being too bloody stupid and staying up too late.

I have good news though, my all time favourite BBC Radio 4 show ‘Just A Minute’ has asked me to be a panel guest again, I will be on the show on the 26th November recording. I love the show and have been on it twice before. I am excited.

Then on 28th November I will on at the Scotscare gig here at the details on their website www.royalscottishcorporation.org.uk
it’s a wonderful charity so please support it if you can.

Am off to work out why there is strange dead cat smell coming from the cupboard under the sink, Ashley denies that she can smell it, but it is there.

I suppose the welcome home banner she made on the back of my mobile phone bills wasn’t a great idea but at least the thought was there._

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  1. As a comedian and scriptwriter you might like what I am doing.

    Fed up with all those rejections I decided to record my radio serial with friends and putting it on my blog spot. It is also going to be broadcast on World Radio Paris soon.