What's new with Janey
17 November 2007

I love Toronto

I love Toronto…the people are quirky, funny and almost rude but in a nice way.

Husband and I have been slightly stressed due to the nature of the gigs over here, but all in all it’s been good. Some gigs are way out of town and he ends up sitting in the apartment – he does go out as well and unlike me has made loads of friends.

Normally he isn’t chatty but his ‘Talking’ gene has kicked in and I went with him to a local bar and a small group of people cheered and welcomed him in. I thought for an awful moment they had mistaken him for someone else…but no…they all knew him.

I was the stranger now. He had been in there during the week and made load of buddies, I was awestruck, as this is the man that takes two years to get to know you before he will use your first name in public! Then he will probably not speak to you again for another two years!

“Hey big man, how’s things? Is this your wife?” a big square jawed Canadian bloke hugged him like they were family.

“Hey everyone this is Janey my wife” my husband yelled to the gathered smiling crowd.

I have honestly never in my life heard him say to anyone ‘This is my wife’ I was stunned. He normally introduces me as ‘Janey, Ashley’s mum’

Now I was finally his wife after 27 years of marriage.

Other people around the bar came up to shake his hand and to welcome me.

I stood there quietly as I watched him hug and shake hands…who the fuck has stolen my quiet husband and replaced him with the bloke from the TV hit show ‘Cheers’?

Did he also have a song? Would he pick up a violin and start a concerto? I didn’t know as anything was possible now.

“The usual?” a pretty dark haired barmaid asked him.

The fucking USUAL? What the hell is going on…I am the POPULAR one, I am ‘Fun Janey’ he is dull quiet muttering man. He doesn’t make eye contact and hates strangers talking to him!

Where did this man come from?

I felt disenfranchised, how dare he become interesting without me being there to make it possible?

I sat quiet and watched him talk to the guys and I never uttered a word. We had now changed personalities, but I felt if I spoke, I would break the spell.

Later on he explained that since my autobiography had become so popular in the UK, and since my profile had been on the up- his personality had become compromised and in the UK everyone knew him through me or associated to me.
So he had no identity in the UK, here in Canada, no one knew him or me that much and he finally could be himself.

I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but it was fun while it lasted and no doubt when we hit home he will be silent BOB again.
I will miss the Chatty Husband._