What's new with Janey
28 August 2007

I am back to normality

Having spent weeks in Edinburgh at the Fringe I am slightly disorientated back in Glasgow.

I am home, unpacked and have my daughter Ashley back with me.
She was off to Amsterdam halfway though the fringe as she went on holiday with her mates. It’s the first time she has missed a Festival in ten years. I was bereft without her as she is a great support to me.

I woke up today and couldn’t quite work out where I was- it was scary.
The more successful I become the more I seem to leave home and the more I leave home the more I live out of a suitcase and I get freaked out waking up places I am not sure where I am!

I saw my daddy today and it was fabulous to be with him and talk about regular stuff and not how many stars did my show get and how many tickets we sold today. Though my daddy was pleased to hear the show was a sell out and hugged me in congratulations and then asked me to pick a shower from a magazine he had with him as he his getting a new shower fitted for me in my en suite bathroom…well he is my daddy!

Husband slept all day and is coming down with the cold, being on the streets of Edinburgh flyering for the show will probably have given him a virus and eventually will kill him. It will be my fault of course, but flyerer’s are easy to come by.

I miss Edinburgh already; it was amazing for me this year.

I must tell you about the great guest I had on my chat show, it was Kate Adie the world famous war reporter. She was awesome and so funny. To hear of her tales of being bombed in Beirut whilst buying shoes to sitting on the deck of a war ship and watching missiles being launched as she ran for cover… was amazing and she is an inspiration to everyone who meets her.

I want to be Kate Adie, but will never live up to the reality of the situation.

So here I am at home on the sofa writing stuff, I am currently working on a TV idea which will probably not come to fruition as that is the way of the world, but I am living and hoping it will.

I feel very old today, my legs hurt from walking up and down the cobbled ancient streets and I have eaten that much shit that I have spots. But I am happy and home and that’s all I can say today._