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26 August 2007

Festival Round up

I am sorry I was late so here is a run down of my fringe 2007. The chat show was an awesome experience and some of the guests were a delight, Edwina Currie, Julian Clary, Ray Wyre, John Smeaton ( The airport hero who fought off the terrorists in Glasgow), Brendon Burns, Tom Robinson, Paul Provenza, Mick Miller, Jim Bowen and many more all made me intensely happy.
The chat show got a great five star review and I was over the moon with the format, the people were great who came along and asked interesting questions and my daughter Ashley stood in for a few late comers and made the show even funnier as she impersonated their persona!

Ashley’s best mate Bobi, came and stayed with us and it was her first fringe ever, she flyered and did some PR and stage management.
My baby niece Abi came along and flyered as well and she is only four, she actually did a mic check as well and did a sing a long at the Stand Comedy club!

We are a family of entertainers, Abi’s mum Ann Margaret was amazed to see so many people who knew Abi from my videos on MySpace and YouTube…Abi is famous!
The comedy show was the best I ever did, it got rave reviews and the run sold out, the first time I ever had a full sold out run at Edinburgh, it was wonderful.
I had a great team and love everyone who helped me this year. Ashley really pulled out her finger and made the biggest effort to make sure things went smoothly, she is my absolute pride and joy.
Writing for the newspaper The Scotsman has been a bit trying for me during the fringe and it took some stress to get through it all.
Ok enough of the nice stuff, I was a grumpy cow at times and drove everyone mental.

The flat we stayed in had a washing machine that broke down and the estate agent took my clothes to wash and ended up screaming down the phone to me “I cant touch the bra’s” he is the GAYEST man in the world, he actually screamed and stuffed them into a bag with salad tongs rather than touch them…he is THAT GAY!

So that was funny.

The John Smeaton special was a great day. John is the accidental hero who tackled the terrorist when Glasgow Airport was attacked in June and that day sold out, Bobi was great at herding the audience and press into the room and arranging the photo call and she had never done that before. John was an awesome guest and such a wonderful guy to chat to, I loved him. I took John all around the Fringe after the chat show and he was greeted like a hero by all the comics that met him on the night.

I slept like a baby this year as our flat was outside the main busy part of the city but the fucking seagulls followed me and screeched into my window every morning at 5am coz they are bastards of hell.

Life is good today I am stress free and happy, I met some amazing people who came to the show and it lifts my spirits every time they hug me as they come out and shared a smile with me, it makes me feel awesome that they enjoyed the show.

My big talking window went into the Pleasance Dome main window site; it is the very first of its kind.
It was basically a huge screen that has a projected film and promo of me and the window ‘talks’ and as people went by they were amazed at this new technology and stopped and watched me then went off and bought tickets! Motomedia were the people who installed this window and they are an awesome company and helped me out great. Go check the out their website www.motomedia-uk.com and see the product in action.

I am onto my last few days here in Edinburgh.

I will talk soon._