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17 August 2007

Is this the end of me?

Dear all my Blogging mates, I am so very sorry I haven’t blogged in a week, this is the longest period of abstinence since I started Blogging in 2004.
The Edinburgh Fringe has me in its cast iron grip and I haven’t had complete access to the internet and what with working lots…well…I am tired.

So it’s not the end of me because I am here aren’t I?

The Edinburgh Fringe is great so far, selling out at the Pleasance every night has been a joy to behold and so far I have got two five star reviews (one for the chat show and the stand up) and a clutch of four stars for both.

As you may well all be aware that the Scottish airport hero John Smeaton is coming on the chat show, he is the bloke that helped the police when the terrorist tried to explode their car at our wee airport back in June.

The weather has been shitty and cold in Edinburgh this year but I am having fun. Husband has been strangely helpful and Ashley my daughter is just a wee worker bee for me, as is her mate Bobi, both of them pulling together to get the flyers out.

The Green room where my chat show is on is almost finished being built now that the fringe is almost over! We had problems with the radio microphones but have had on some amazing guests. I am loving the Green Room despite the hitches.
Last night at my comedy show up at the Pleasance Dome, a wee woman shouted out when I had finished “Excuse me we have two minutes left, please talk more” which can only be a good thing right?
So I did.

I am also getting the comedy show and the chat show filmed and it will be up on the website as soon as humanly possible.
Thanks for sticking by me…talk soon._