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14 June 2007

Sleeping and Eating…

I am sleeping too much again. It all started with the bad headache but ended up with an askew sleep pattern. I need to get back on track with my productive life. I have been working…don’t get me wrong, I am half way through my article for next weeks Scotsman and am coming up with marketing ideas for Edinburgh Fringe. I am just woozy and feeling vulnerable. Husband bought a big joint of beef the other day, coked it to perfection and we have all been slicing bits off the juicy meat and slowly working our way through it.
Honestly I had meat sweats I ate so much yesterday.

The dreams have been going crazy, regular readers of my blog will know of the scary horrid nightmares I have been suffering from for many years now. It’s truly awful and by fuck it’s scary as anything ever seen on a horror movie.

In the middle of particular scary slasher dream my phone woke me up and I think I may have agreed to a comedy gig somewhere at sometime for a price I am not sure I know of….note to Janey don’t answer phone half asleep and agree to stuff.

I need to try and think of who I actually spoke to and check the date!

Husband is annoying me with being nice; I hate it when he does this. This nice supportive helpful man worries me somewhat. We always trade in under hand double entendres, a language based on nasty evil pain and years of knowing each others weak spots…some people call it bad behaviour… we call it affection.

Lately he is nice and I lie awake and wonder why. I am being cruel here; he isn’t actually the bastard he used to be.

After 27 years of marriage to an utter cunt, he is lovely now but sometimes I wonder why. Then I realise he is a better man, but sometimes I goad him into a fight to see if he will be a cunt again and he never is. He stops the fight and questions my motives for anger and tells me to explain what I am feeling and I want to stab him in the eye with a blunt spoon…I may miss the crazy man I used to be married to.

Then I recognise its actually me who is nuts and have a big reasonable man trying to work out why I am being a cunt and then I remind him of the bastard he used to be to try to win that argument…it’s a long story, but I always win and that’s all that matters eh?

So maybe I need to be nice to him.

I will consider it…or maybe I could blame my behaviour on my headache, coz surely migraines make you mental?_