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08 October 2006

Meeting Alan Bennett…

Firstly I want to thank everyone who voted for me online for ‘Scotswoman of the Year’ my nomination has left me flabbergasted. The sheer amount of votes that have been flooding in are overwhelming and I am so grateful. Some of you lovely people have been saying amazing things in your testimonials and I am so very touched. Thank you.
I have yet to find out if I make the final seven.
If I do make the final then on 23rd October I will be attending the city Chambers in Glasgow to find out if I have won! Hooray!

Ashley and I both went to the Scottish premier of ‘The History Boys’ in Glasgow.
The film was very interesting and the script was really sharp but I am afraid I had reservations about the whole plot; though I am sure the stage version was awesome.
After the film I had the opportunity to meet Mr Alan Bennett himself!
I was so excited as his ‘Talking Heads’ inspired me to become a playwright, the man never let me down. He was genuinely interesting and charming to meet, both my daughter and I chatted with him about plays and writing. He really is inspiring and I was so blessed to meet him.

Still the nightmares continue but I am bored talking about them now.

I had a great gig at Kilmarnock Theatre, the most amazing thing was a 90 year-old woman came to the show and it was lovely making someone of that generation laugh out loud, even I didn’t know I had Second World War gags!
I think that many comedians balk when they step on stage and see either very old or very young members of the audience and it takes a good decent comic to bridge that age gap, it really did go amazingly well, the old lady laughed her support tights off and the young 17 year-old guy at the front pissed himself at the same funny story.
The old lady even joined in, and added to the show with some funny anecdotes!
What a night!

So today I had a lazy day, a nice rainy Scottish Sunday, I bought some newspapers and went up to Oran Mor (local theatre/bar/restaurant where I have performed) and sat outside for a cigarette and a read of today’s Sunday Papers. I hate having to sit in the rain and smoke BUT it is Scotland and these are the laws. No smoking inside any public building, so sitting reading in the rain is normal for us smoky Scots!

On a new note, I was offered some Folgers Coffee sent to me by the American company for me to try and taste. So I made my coffee and sat and watched a documentary about murders. The opening scene was about the Charles Manson murders and I hear that one of the victims lying on the lawn who had been shot – was an heiress of ‘The Folger Coffee Dynasty’ well I was stunned and what a strange coincidence!
Well I am so sorry for the Folger people, but the coffee was awesome, really good stuff and I wish I had more of it.
If anyone wants to send me a Jaguar XJS then please do as I will keep it and let you all know how it rides.

Good luck and good night._