What's new with Janey
03 October 2006

Dreams can come true, but hopefully not for me…

So the bad dreams continue and despite a deluge of help from people they refuse to be binned.
I am coping with it all, but it does mean my energy levels are down I am afraid. So my blog is suffering.

I am currently organising a trip to London, where I will be working and having some meetings with TV people and stuff. It’s good to stay focussed and on top of stuff.

The good news is, I got to see the new baby niece Julia, and she is a lovely wee thing. Her big sister my other favourite child- Abi couldn’t wait for me to see her ‘Wee Sister’….Abi was delighted and slightly jealous, so she went into ‘Full attention seeking mode’ the minute the new baby was presented to our household. My poor husband had Abi literally wrapped around his head as he tried to look at the new wee infant and Abi had prepared a whole new singing and dancing routine for us to watch just in case any of us forgot she was alive.
Then she told us an imaginary story that came out of her wee cute lispy mouth and entailed her meeting a zebra, warthog and baby kangaroo in a forest and the story lasted a full 38 minutes, with enough time to breathe and carry on with hand movements to explain her fantasy….it was so funny and that wee three year old toddler has a great imagination. I love her.

Am going to a BAFTA premier of ‘The History Boys’ on Thursday with my daughter Ashley, and the great writer Alan Bennett will be in attendance for a Q & A afterwards. Ashley is super excited and can’t wait to meet her favourite writer and director.

Husband is quietly trying to find a cure for my nightmares; I think he may never find one, what if the only cure that will work is if we separate? That would be awful, I have explained that I get the nightmares whether he is there or not, but he seems to assume that he makes them worse.
That’s because if I get wakened at any moment and fall back asleep they get worse and he does sometimes wake me up by accident. I have reassured him it’s not his fault, but he continues to blame himself.

Glasgow is in the news just now as a young Polish Student who was working as a volunteer in the local St. Patrick’s Chapel has been found beaten to death and her remains were secreted in the chapel, it was the parish where my husband was raised in and there has been an outcry from the locals.

The handyman in the church had gone missing after the young girl’s disappearance though he has now been found in London.
It seems he used a false name and is a previous sex offender and is being questioned by the police concerning the death. People are outraged that this man worked in their parish.
I don’t blame the priest, as he wasn’t to know that the handyman had a false identity and had convictions. I don’t know the legality surrounding checking backgrounds on clergy workers, but the guy did have a false name, either way it is a terrible tragedy and makes me shudder to think of that poor young woman being buried inside the chapel as the police were looking for her. How awful for her poor family to have to fly from Poland to come to her death scene, the place where she had felt safe.

I am grateful that my daughter is safe tonight and at least my bad dreams aren’t true, unlike the nightmare that Polish family are suffering as we speak._