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03 August 2006

Fringe Day one

I woke up at 7am in Glasgow, decided I didn’t want to be in this business anymore and curled back under duvet. The warmth engulfed me and I went away on a happy dream about wee squirrels and singing shoe horns. Then woke up with a start and realised that I am going to be late for my run through of the play at Assembly. I managed to wash bits of me that would make me appear clean and ran for a train.

I fell asleep on the train, I got to the Assembly rooms, met my two techies (Yum Yum, have you seen these boys? Suddenly I am Joan Collins- what is wrong with me?)
Anyway, I stood on stage and completely forgot my script, then took a breath and it was there. All good.
I then called round to Clouds Accommodation, Mark had a flat all set up with internet and clean sheets and even drove me there in his silver Porsche…so I was happy, I am a princess.

My flat is the new building in Fishmarkets Close; it stands tall and looks into the archway of the Royal Mile. The sliding door windows are fabulous and the newness of the whole place appeals to me. I am really turning into a princess!
Ashley and I love it – her dad unpacked for us both and went off to get shopping done and we headed down to Underbelly to do the tech run of Square Street, the sketch show she wrote.

I keep laughing all the way through the sketches and I am sure I will not be able to do this right. I am not used to sharing a stage with anyone, let alone my crazy daughter.

Then as I was helping husband get out of a tight parking space by running round the car checking for him, my feet slipped on the rainy ground (I love rain after all that fucking heat) but I just tit slammed the concrete, I could feel my jumper pulled up and my boobs cold against the ground, I just lay there assessing the damage to me knee and palms.

Husband sat in the car with his head in his hands. I did get up and opened the car door and said quickly “Its Ok I am Ok”
“Janey, I was scared to look, please fucking stay on your feet, you have three shows a day and I had visions of you with a broken leg”

The UDDERbelly party in Bristo Square was cool, getting to catch up with all the comics and friends.

I am off to Glasgow again today to do the BBC Radio show ‘Today Programme’ then I come back to Edinburgh and we open with Square Street_