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04 August 2006

Fringe day two

Well last night Square Street opened. It is the sketch show that my daughter Ashley wrote and produced, and that we both perform.
Ashley has not performed comedy at Fringe since she had her own show at 13 years old and was worried that what she now finds funny- no one else would.
We had four reviewers in and a nice audience. I stood backstage with her and watched her face turn a puggled shade of yellow.
Then we went on stage and did the whole thing, some of the show has wee bits of improvised chats and I must admit i almost laughed aloud and I am not allowed to, but if you are standing as a mother to the side of a stage and hear you lovely big child describe anal sex for cash as an Aberdonian hooker who sings a jingle to her punter, then you cannot tell me that somewhere in that moment you are not allowed a giggle.

It reminded me of her standing in a stiff school uniform in that snooty private school aged five singing ‘Pink Floyd’s The Wall’ to the school assembly welcome open parents day. How I laughed then…and now!

So first night over for Square Street.
The audience laughed aloud, I even saw the wonderful Mr Bennet sit there and giggle happily. I hope they all enjoyed it as much as we did…only another three weeks to go then!

So I then dashed off to show number two of that night. I did Janey Godley’s Blog Live! To a nice house and a couple of more reviewers.
Today I start doing all three shows a day and i cannot wait.

The only down side is that my play The Point of Yes is at Assembly and that feels a wee bit far away for me and involves hills that need to be walked and I have already bashed my arms and tits on a pavement and suffered smoke inhalation from a car that burst into flames on the M8.

Next a tiger will escape from a zoo and bite my eye…._