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01 August 2006

Am Home and Mental…

Well, my last night in Barcelona was worth recalling forever. I went out for dinner with a few mates and ended up staying out all night partying. We all ended up staying out all night (not good for me I am 45 and easily fatigued!). Fun? Oh Yes!
I didn’t get back to the flat in Barcelona until 10am Monday morning. There was a lovely cute guy at the party who flirted all night with me, and I actually giggled…yes me giggling…can you imagine that? I don’t normally giggle!

I did the whole hair flicking, eyelash batting giggle…poor guy, alcohol makes you do crazy things. I did drink some, so me being me, I was tipsy at 1am.

I am a sucker for cute 25 year olds.

So sexy boy… if you are reading this, thanks for making an old woman’s night! Hope you get your eyesight back.

So I didn’t get any sleep whatsoever and had to get packed up to fly home.
Husband picked me up at the airport, took one look at me and said
“Crazy late night shenanigans Miss Godley?”
I merely dragged my bag into the car, smiled and sat there quietly. I was so tired; I almost fell asleep in the car.
Last night I slept from 7pm till 9am this morning, I am too old for flirting and late night parties…its official.

So today Ashley and I are getting ready to go to Edinburgh tomorrow. She is so well organised and all set, husband had a screaming fit at the amount of clothes we are taking (he does this EVERY year) I mean who doesn’t pack a ball gown and stiletto’s, you never know when you may need them? An impromptu ball may happen right in the middle of the festival and we may be the only two women prepared for such an event!
I have no idea what I am taking, I have so many clothes and stuff, I am taking two cases of clothes alone! When I did get so many tops?
Husband packs like that guys from 9 ½ weeks, Mickey O’Rourke’s character, five tops and trousers all in the same colour and shade, exactly same colour of underwear and socks, and tiny shaving bag. Minimalist beyond belief.
I am still tired but have to get ready for the whole carousel of press and performances that I am about to embark on. I am so fucking excited, three shows a day, plus odd appearances at late night comedy, chat shows and time to pee!
So I have to go back and find more clothes to shove into corners of my luggage, and be nice to husband.
He is worried that I will be so mental I will turn on him- but I have promised Ashley that I will not get stressed out and be nice. To be honest I will hardly see him due to my schedule- I will be kind though, he didn’t expect to be travelling in the Godley Family Circus when he married me 27 years ago. Fuck knows what he thinks of y life now; he just gets dragged along on the tide of madness that my existence has become.
Guess what?
My auto biography ‘Handstands in the Dark’ has just come out in paper-back! I signed some copies in WH Smiths today; it was awesome to see it on the shelves, that buzz never dies, let me tell you. To walk into an airport shop or book store and see your book there on the shelf is just so amazing.
So everyone reading…hang onto your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
I am about to hit Edinburgh and do the shows, one show is called Janey Godley’s Blog Live! It’s all about this blog and I will keep it up despite the mental work load. Keep watching – keep emailing me- keep me company….I need you!_