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15 July 2006

Big Newspaper Article and bleeding feet…

Today in the Scotsman newspaper my daughter Ashley and I have a huge lovely article written of us, I love it.
Here is some quotes form the article-
“Effortless stream-of-consciousness riffs that Virginia Woolf might
have written had she only had a pawky sense of humour.”

Scotland’s funniest woman

“Godley’s certainly a one-off – a cuddly-looking woman who sounds like
the mordantly lippy love child of Joan Rivers and Billy Connolly”
(The Scotsman)

So that was way cool!
I am currently in Portsmouth which is surprisingly beautiful, they have completely renovated the harbour and it is amazing. I am doing Jongleurs here for two nights.
I bought lovely blue summer sandals (Ashley said they were hideous) I loved them until on the walk along the sparkling sunny seafront I felt a huge blister had developed under my heel as my feet constantly rubbed against the fabric sole. By the time I got on stage I had this huge water filled pus like blob hanging off my feet that I had to lance in the break with a sharp pin and then run back on stage with strange fluid leaking out of my skin! I managed to get back to the hotel last night and soaked my sore feet.
This morning I got up and wondered what to do with the devil slashed feet I now possessed.
I have always worn my great MBT trainers, they have taken me round the world those shoes, never hurting, never letting me down. So I threw away the cheap Ted Bundy Killer shoes and slipped on my old trainers….they must have been disgusted at being discarded and developed a horrible Japanese torture personality because within half and hour they had rubbed a huge blister on my heel! What the fuck is going on? I hobbled into a shoe shop and bought a pair of flip flops that barely touch any part of my feet….and yes they have managed to cut into my instep where the fabric holds the sole on! I am hobbled!
I am hoping it all heals soon as I am off to Barcelona in two weeks time to do comedy there for the weekend.
If you want to read the whole article in the Scotsman you can see it on my website www.janeygodley.co.uk_