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02 March 2006

My Daughter today is mental…

My daughter is bored and therefore funny. She is working hard at Uni studying Film studies and screenplay writing, in her part time she works as a DJ and karaoke presenter and she is part of a comedy/improv troupe.
She will NEVER clean her room that now looks like some tiny wee island after its been invaded and pillaged by angry pirates…which brings me to my next subject.
She constantly plays Puzzle Pirates (whatever the fuck that is) and she just told me she needs my credit card to build her own ‘rig’ and that she is now the proud owner of 1000 doubloons. Frankly I am scared.
I know most mothers of nineteen year old girls have their concerns but surely one issue I was not prepared for was that my child is secretly a pirate!
She made me laugh so much telling me if she can have a credit card she can buy her own ship and kill more people…not a conversation I as prepared for!
Ok I know she is joking and she is so fucking hilarious, we are both writing a sketch show together and she never fails to make me laugh.
She told me she is going to Christian Speed Dating at Uni to sit there and say
“Hello I love God, Jesus and Holy things, do you want sex?” to every boy in fifteen minutes…just to see the look on their faces. That makes me smile…she really is mine and if they really are Christians then they will forgive her.
I asked her if there was an emails in for me and she said “Yes, but because I am bored I will explain your mail in the medium of physical theatre and dance” So I had to watch her prance all over the room pretending to be a crocodile having heart surgery whilst explaining to me that a journalist wanted to speak to me. I laughed my head off.
I am glad she does that, am so glad she is crazy, yet intelligent and funny.
She could have been boring and studious, which I am sure is good but an untidy wannabe pirate is even better._

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  1. Of course she is “crazy, yet intelligent and funny.” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…does it?

    Ciao chica