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10 December 2005

British Airways and Comedy pitching….Friday the dark day…

So we were all packed last night to go to London, just some small bits and bobs to go in last minute. I fell asleep knowing that I had to get up at 8am to have a shower and get ready for 10.30am flight from Glasgow to London.
I was in a lovely deep sleep, when my mobile registered two text messages at 5am! I stumbled out of bed and with bleary annoyed eyes I read them. Both were the same message from British Airways telling me that my flight had been CANCELLED!
I screamed! I had to get to London for midday as Ashley and I had to do a photo shoot and interview with the Sunday Times, I had work in London and meetings…fucking what do they mean cancelled????
Husband had been up all night and I ran into the living room hysterical yelling “BA has cancelled the flights!”
He jumped into action and got me the flight documents, I called at 5.07am and was greeted by an automated voice telling me the company doesn’t open till 6am…well who the fuck sent me the text then?
I sat and waited till 6am struck the clock and I promptly dialled up, EVENTUALLY I was put through to someone who told me the only way I would get to London today was to get to the airport NOW and be on the 7am flight as fog had backlogged most of the flights.
Daughter was dragged out of a sleep, husband began throwing stuff into the case, and Ashley was wandering about the hall in her pyjamas trying to find shoes with mascara’d stuck eyelashes and bewilderment.
Finally we were dressed and out the door into a cab at 6.20am!
At the airport we made the check in on time, we were ushered up to the Club Class lounge…finally we breathed and sat down. Then were told to quickly board the plane as the 7am flight was ready to go.
We found our seats, sat down and waited…and waited and the flight was so delayed it never actually took off until 10am! Yes three hours on a fucking domestic flight sat on a runway in Glasgow.
I thought I was going to take the pilot hostage and start killing the women and children first. Ashley…meanwhile, who HATES mornings, had turned into Myra Hydley/Ted Bundy/cloven hoofed spawn of the devil. She snapped and bitched, the crew had NO drinks on board, so I argued and argued until they let me off the plane that was NEVER going to move for 3 whole hours to go get some cold drinks.
The good news is, I spotted Gary who used to be a producer of comedy for BBC and now works for Endemol, sitting up the back. I went up to see him and after three minutes telling him what I am up to and stuff Ashley and I pitched our sketch show right there on the plane in front of a bunch of strangers, ok bored strangers. Gary responded well to our idea and we have a meeting arranged for next week! Never an opportunity wasted with eth Godley /Storrie girls.
We eventually got moving and soon London was near!
Finally after 5 hours of travel/non travel, we were back in the city of Westminster, back to the most luxurious flat for a Scottish girl this side of Sheena Easton!
I have to say, stepping into that under floor heated en suite marble bathroom was divine.
I love this place and have decided this is how I should live forever.
The stress was not over…not be a long chalk!
Part two tomorrow or later on as this is posted a day late._

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  1. Jane…I’m hooked. Bring on part two! Here’s to underfloor heating. Amen.

    BTW, As its Friday, new article posted on my site…methinks you will have an opinion on this one…it’s called “Please, keep the change.” It’s about trying to change people…have you ever met anyone who tried to change you? Bet not. Ha!

    Ciao for now…

    Teri (a.k.a. Rebel with a “Claus.”