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14 November 2005

Fun at The BAFTA’s…

I am so glad I have lost some weight after my self imposed starvation regime, my old skirt fits loosely and that’s been years I can tell you. Ashley and I got dressed up and headed for the BAFTA after show party. The venue was Chinawhite…strange name for a nightclub as it means ‘heroin’, there is also a Chinawhite in London, but this is the Glasgow version. Very nice it is to; Ashley and I were well impressed with the dark red sofas and velvety sexy décor.

The place was full of Scottish celebs…well the people mostly from TV shows but unfortunately I never watch most Scottish soaps so I was blissfully unaware. The good news is I got to meet some lovely actors who I do admire like Michelle Gomez from UK TV show Green Wing. Michelle is a hard working Scottish actor who is finally getting the recognition she deserves.

I was slightly worried about my outfit, as I felt that my top was a bit low and I was showing too much cleavage…this was confirmed as I walked through the dance floor and was stopped by a small baldy man dressed like and scruffy park attendant who told me “Nice tits there old lady”…I smiled and stood on his toe and quickly moved on humiliated.

Ashley was incensed and wanted to go poke his bleary eye with her newly sharpened eye liner but I stopped her as knowing my luck he is probably the man I will have to pitch my screen play to and I want to save stabbing him when he rejects it….slag my old body yes…diss my screenplay and die.

I got to have drinks with lots of the more interesting BBC crew and they are good fun…all very young and working on projects with that excitement that you know will be eventually beaten out of them and it wont be long before they turn up at events with flat hair, wearing synthetic slacks and wondering what happened to the funky ‘fin’ hairdo and sharp black designer specs they used to wear…they may even descend to shouting at woman with low cut tops!

Today was laid back, I finally got out of bed and tried to organise bills and cheques for the bank…honestly I ask you…how mundane is my life?_

2 Responses

  1. Michelle Gomez! I’m jealous. Was very impressed with her in The Green Wing. Is she a trained dancer? She’s an amazing physical comedian.

    She was in the original tour of TrainSpotting in 1995 – respect! Coincidentally, a friend of mine is now embarking on the 10th anniversary tour.

    Go’n yersel darling vis a vis the outfit and you were probably totally correct on small baldy park attending tw*t front. In his head he’s probably too wrapped up in his own genius to bother with personal hygeine and courtesy. And indeed, Einstein could be so wrapped up in thought that he’d frequently leave the house without putting on his kecks. Unfortunately, when you see some keckless, mad-haired worthy wandering down the street I suspect your first thought is not “There goes a genius”.

    It would have been nice to stick one on him though. Perhaps, if he were to be involved in commissioning your screenplay you could soak his copy in a slow acting castrating poison. Suspect there’s be little to actually neuter though. Bless his cue ball noggin.

    Anyway, been reading your blog for a while now and I just wanted to stop by and say hello.

    Fli hi.