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02 October 2005

Late Again!

Sorry about being late, I have been working away and had no PC to work on. Firstly I went to Galashields, it was a dark car journey (which I hate even though I don’t drive!), Alan Anderson drove me there and I was a nervous passenger, silly me as he is a good driver. Anyway, the gig was fun and with being a smaller audience I got to do a more intimate gig which I love.

On the way home through those dark fields, occasionally the head lights would illuminate the eyes of a big scary bull hanging over the fence of some farm and totally freak me out, what the fuck are they watching for and how scary are those big bastards in the dark?
I had to pack quickly for Thursday as I was off to Liverpool to do the weekend as a last minute booking, seems someone let them down and I was the stand in.

I do love Liverpool, but having no accommodation booked and going last minute always worries me, as I hate the disorganisation of trying to get a hotel on spec.

We were lucky and managed to get into the Adelphi Hotel smack bang in the town centre. Husband and I settled in and rushed off to the gig at Baby Blue. The crowd was slightly indifferent and despite the MC trying hard to get on their side, they sat all nonchalantly waiting for the comic to come on.

Well I had the ropiest gig in years, I was so worried throughout the set as NOTHING was endearing me to them and I left the stage feeling very shitty. It has been ages since I had such a shit gig; husband said I was harder on myself than I should have been as it was not as bad I thought. I hate not doing the very best I can do and felt low going back to the hotel.

Next night I was on at the Sports Café, which is the new gig for the Laughter House people and it is AMAZING! The set up is genius and I had a STORMING gig there and came off elated but very nervous as I had to go back to Bar Blue for my second night of comedy/hate.
Luckily the crowd was really warm and up for it, I had a really good gig and got to really interact with the crowd which I love and came off on a high. Thank God.

So I am back in Glasgow and getting ready to go up to BBC Scotland to take part in the Craig Hill Pilot show, I will be a bona fide guest in the coming weeks but tonight is the dry run so to speak.
I love Craig Hill; he is the warmest, loveliest and most generous person to come out of Scottish comedy. His style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I have NEVER heard him sit backstage and bitch about anyone, and that’s fucking rare trust me.

I am looking forward to taking part in the Funny Women tour that comes to the Stand in Glasgow, it will be nice to perform there and the details are on my gig page if you are interested.

I am off to write up my October newsletter and its two days late, so husband is annoyed at my shit time keeping!_