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29 September 2005

Crazy Train Men and my daughter…

Ashley is finding the early mornings rather mental and very trying.
She has to get up extremely early and catch a train that takes about an hour to get to Uni; she loves the course but hates the journeys.
She is not very good at early mornings and has twice fallen asleep on the train!
Today on the way home she was carrying a huge metallic case containing camera equipment and one of the daft ass train assistants on spotting her carrying the huge silver box and her backpack said to her “Are you a terrorist?” He thought this would be funny.
Ashley quickly answered back “Is that because of my big case or is it because I am black?”

He stood there stunned and moved quickly down the carriage.
Ashley is white, he is a prick, but it shut him up and made all the other passengers giggle.

I love her humour.

I have found a way to stop losing my mail or address books in my outlook programme when my computer crashes for future, I have opened a Gmail account and can now keep everything in cyberspace. That saves husband and I from fighting when the PC gets fucked up.

We went out last night for dinner in very posh restaurant here in Glasgow, it was nice to see him dressed up in a suit and tie, and I forgot how cute he can look when he tries. I even put lipstick on and Ashley took some pictures.

I cannot believe this is the spotty sixteen year old I got engaged to and I am sure I look nothing like the tomboy in corduroy dungarees that he once gave a diamond ring to behind the pub in my home town. We really do look old, and that bothers me slightly but he still makes me laugh at times.

The only thing I have in common with that tomboy is that we both have tuggy mad hair that will never really be tamed.

Anyway the dinner was nice, the restaurant was pretty empty except for this group of women who seemed to be American/Australian mix. One of the American women talked really loudly about how she is single but is in a lottery system through a Chinese Adoption agency (can you fucking believe they have a lottery for babies?). Husband and I stopped chewing and just stared at each other as she explained that the adoption agency supplies to single ‘Moms’ and that she has been on the list for two years now.
When one of the Australian women asked her how she would look after a baby whilst being single and working, the American woman simply looked at her and said “Oh I would use daycare”.

I sat there bemused, but then on the whole I suppose daycare in America would be preferable to being in a Chinese Orphanage.

Fuck…the things you overhear!_