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13 August 2005

Spank is Great!

Murder Accusation at end of this BLOG…

Three spots, two more reviewers, one impending eye infection, one annoying static breast lump, three more dead pigeons on our doorway, ten more books sold and a frightening insect bite on my arse…

The show sold well last night and I am having great fun,
can’t say any more than that! Must admit that I loved the Spank! Show last night, it is just such fucking fun, all those people crammed in and having great fun getting to see a variety of acts. My daughter and I are going to do a double act for one night only at SPANK!, and it should be fun, she promises to get me back for EVERYTHING I have ever said about her on stage all her life…well if there is ONE woman who can beat me by mouth IT’S HER!

Ashley (my daughter) is still working hard and I hardly get to see her, last night at 3am we got together for a good chat and she made me laugh so loudly at her VERY POLITICALLY INNCORRECT pastiche of the video of Lionel Ritchie’s pop song “Hello”…you had to be there. We were watching old 80’s songs on satellite TV.

Murder accusation update—
Him-“Don’t ask me that question, people are looking at me strangely, are you telling everyone I am a killer?”

Me-“Well… yes actually!”

Him-“Thanks for that!”

Me-“Well did you do it?”

Him-“I will hold a press conference with me addressing the allegations, and expose you as the killer…where were you on April 1st 1996?”

Me-“I am innocent!”

Him-“Yes that’s what it says all over the walls in chalk but that doesn’t mean you are!”

Me-“Shut up, did you do it?”

Him-“I am not talking anymore, do you prefer fruit scones or plain?”