What's new with Janey
12 August 2005

Too Much

Murder Accusation Update at end of blog!

Two heel blisters, one breast lump, five mozzie bites, period pains, slight attack of heartburn, three family arguments (which I won), eight reviewers, some Perrier judges and one threatening phone call from an Old Gangster! Welcome to my world!

Last night I sat in the Underbelly Bar and watched a drunken man steal a bottle of booze and sit there, shouting at people. Managed to get the attention of the lovely Mick the Security man, he got the boozeball out of the venue, just in time for a photographer to collide with him. This was the photographer who was coming to ‘shoot me’ for the Sunday review they have of me in the Observer review section.
Hope I look ok and hope the review reads fine.

Slept like a happy baby last night, then this morning the dreams collided into one another and became evil nightmares. I woke up drenched in a fearful sweat and checked I had both breasts as my dream included them being bitten off by small angry kangaroo’s! (What the fuck goes on in my head?).

Watched my daughter work behind the Underbelly bar last night and that scared me a little, I recall being a barmaid for 15 years and the last thing I want for her is to be the purveyor of ‘Good Guinness’! I know she is only there temporarily but a part of my soul died as I watched her pour pints…surely the Godley bar trade has been left behind me?

I got in Five BLOG FANS in my crowd last night! How awesome, these guys have been reading my blog since last year, and whilst I am on this subject HELLO to all my BLOG Watchers in Johannesburg! I love the comments and you spur me on to continue!

I am having a great time at this Fringe, I love the atmosphere. Ticket sales are well up on last year and I am having fun. Have finally gave up the hair fight and have decided fully to go ‘native’ with my curls, fuck straight hair, it’s too much bother and it’s NOT ME… I am embracing the badger trap that has become my head.

Murder accusation update-

Me-“Did you really kill that man who murdered my mother?”

Him-“Why do you keep asking that stupid question everyday?”

Me-“I like it”

Him “I don’t and it doesn’t make sense”_