What's new with Janey
14 August 2005

Car Crash and night time fun

Murder Accusation Update at end of this Blog—–

Two spots on my chin, one insistent breast lump, one more reviewer and a near fatal car crash!
Last night was great! I had a sold well, the show went well and I decided to walk home and eat cake when I got there. I walked happily down the road that leads to the Scotsman building near where I live, and just as I reached the Dumbiedykes Estate (A sprawling housing estate where a new born baby was found abandoned 2 nights ago next to the Parliament -who called it that name?) a red car came screeching out of the main gates.

The screaming of the tyres made me stop and stare, the red car careered out of control and took the arse of a taxi that was going IN to the housing complex, the red car then lost control further and swerved dangerously towards ME standing on the ‘normally quiet’ pavement. I was rooted with fear as I saw the faces on the guys driving it right towards me, it’s arse arched dangerously in my direction with sparks flashing off the road and covering me, I threw myself to the left and watched as the car tried to gain control, but then sped off down the road of the WRONG side and almost smashed into an on coming car!

I managed to get the number plate and then vomited all over the ground, I was so fucking scared! I was nearly hit by that mental car; I am convinced that I AM REALLY the EPI-CENTRE of disaster! Why me?

The police were called and they took all the details, I called home and my husband came to meet me, I was really frightened, I am not joking… I thought I was going to die on that street!
Woke up this morning to a great review in the Observer, it is fantastic! Also it is NATIONAL and that can only be a good thing for me! Hurrah!

Murder Accusation Update—–
Him-“Don’t even bother to ask me, next you will be saying I ‘arranged’ that car to come and get you”

Me-“No I would not say that as you would not want me dead would you?”


Me-“I love you…lets go home and have great sex then I will cook”

Him-“No your cooking is murder”_