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22 July 2005

Tantrums and terrorists

Been a long day, am tired and worn out trying to get my PC to work at least faster than it wants to. I am still off broadband as BT takes 10 days to come on….fucking shit.
Spent today with baby Abi who made me laugh so much. She is only two and is not really allowed chocolate, I had a box of chocolate sticks and her eyes lit up when she saw them.
Normally if you ask her to talk on the phone to friends who call, she looks at you like you are mental and simply says NO and strops away.
Monica called and I was holding the box of choccy sticks and I said to the baby “Say hello to Monica”
Her wee chubby fist grabbed the phone.

Abi-“Hello Monica”

I then said “Tell her we went a walk”

Abi eyed the choccies greedy and spoke quickly in her ‘happy baby voice’ “I went to park with Aunty Janey”

I then said “sing a song to Monica.”

Abi-“We all live in a Yellow Submarine, can I get chocolate NOW peese?” She was getting anxious and wanted her reward! I laughed my ass off.

Abi got fractious later on that day as the weather got really hot and she got tired and grumpy, I think we should still as adults be allowed a tantrum, who knows why we are slapped out of that stage. Imagine if we could have tantrums? The world would be easier, imagine if when we are at the airport and we got told there was a two hour delay, we could simply throw our brief case on the concourse and stamp our feet and scream for an hour till we exhausted ourselves!
There would be less rape/child abuse/assaults etc…if we were simply allowed to scream and kick furniture…well I think that anyway.
Meanwhile back in the real world….

Monica lives in London and she told me that today was like a scene out of ‘Day of The Jackal’ in London with all the security running around and police with guns…

I worry about her and all my friends who live there, but we must all carry on as normal.

Or we can simply introduce-‘tantrums for terrorists’..
Instead of bombing us they get to stamp on our toes and scream into our faces. We then hug them and tell them that despite their attitude we still love them and then maybe later after a timeout they can have a hug or maybe if they are really good we let them feed the hamster? Who knows?

It may be better than holding some dude down in a strangle head lock and shooting him five times ???

I am off to kick the fridge and hope I get attention._