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24 July 2005

Cool City!

I do love Glasgow! My husband and daughter are in Amsterdam for five days (she is having a pre-University holiday with her dad) and it’s great being at home alone…I never get to do this- normally i am alone elsewhere in the world…but i now lie on my huge sofa, eat ice cream at midnight, watch MY televison (not interrupted by HIS constant channel flicking), I get to eat my kind of food.

Get this -I made cheesy pasta and added chicken breast to it, and mushrooms…CHEESE and CHICKEN…I ate it out of a POT…no table cloth and polished cutlery for me..I ate at the small table (Husband will kill me for this) with a big pot on the surface and chomped into my strange meal. It was great, and I read a full book in one sitting!

I sleep until 3pm and walk about half naked eating ice cream!

Today i will need to clean the whole house and get washing hung up, clean pots and discard ice cream cartons.

Went up to my local pub yesterday ‘Oran Mor’ and was surprised to see the famous David Walliams from Little Britain and Gweynth Paltrow, Fran healy from Travis…then realised that Simon Pegg was having his wedding there, his lovely wife is Scottish and they had the full bagpipe and tartan affair!


Went straight to my gig at Blackfriars and as usual the mic broke..the audience were lovely though and it was a good night. I tried out some of my new stuff for the fringe and it all went well.

Husband is back today and I am off to do some spring cleaning.

The UK is still reeling at the fact the poor bloke they shot five times in the head is innocent but was acting weird…

Fucksake if acting weird is a shootable offence then everyone I know will be dead by next week.

If that is the ‘Intelligence’ of our Intelligence people then hopefully they will recruit my crazy brother MIJ, he has more intelligence than our authorities and he talks to worms.

RIP poor Brazilian boy…thoughts are with your family._