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21 July 2005

colourblind politics

I am so exhausted with bad dreams…when does this stop?

Get this…I dreamt I was in Hell last night, a really scary dark eerie place, if felt so frightening and to make it worse I was convinced I was Dame Judy Dench! Fucking hell even my nightmares have to be theatrical!!
I have no idea what goes on in my head. Life is ok just now, though due to the extremely large amount of electricity I carry in my body, I have blown two lights, an iron and the fucking hoover in one day and to top it all I have crashed the PC twice. I am sure the coverplan people think I am possessed by the devil.
I called coverplan (the PC warranty people) and the wee lovely Asian man on the line told me to tip up my ‘tower’ that sits on the floor that holds my hard drive and to pull all the plugs out of the back.
So whilst on the phone I do this…there is a mild sense of alarm creeping over me as I realise I will be fucked trying to remember where to put them all back in.
No worries Ahmed tells me on the line, it’s all colour co-ordinated.
“Really” I laugh “That’s a fucker coz I am colour blind” I add.
I am colour blind, this is true.
Trying to put all those fucked up wires back in was a nightmare.
“Pink” he shouts at me “Pink goes into pink hole”
“I can’t tell the difference…I am not sure if this is pink or purple” I scream at him.
I go off to get a pink top that I wear in my photo shots as I know that is pink and I have to drag it up to the PC tower and hold the wire beside it to remind my brain what pink is.
“What are you doing?” He sounds concerned.
“I am holding my pink jumper against the wire to see if it is pink” I add sarcastically “Coz I don’t know if that is PINK”
We spend an hour trying to put the plugs back…there is fucking light purpley coloured ones..greeny yellow looking ones and a variety of ‘dark’ ones…I am so fucked you have no idea.
Eventually I get them all in and my works. At last.
I am also having hair problems, those who know me will recall my never ending fight with my ‘badger-trap’ hair. I have thick coarse dark/grey (when it feels like it) bushy lets-go-anywhere-we-want-to hair and it drives me mad. I am now growing out my fringe and have to clip it up with a clasp and I truly now look like a mental patient, this will last for about three weeks until my fringe grows long enough to hang down the side of my face.
Husband laughed last night when he say the clip in my hair and then was slightly alarmed when I refused to take it out when we went over to the local for a beer.
“You should take that mad clip out of your head” He said as I walked downstairs.
“Then my hair covers my eyes and I wont see anything and then get hit by a car crossing the road” I sniggered.
He looked at me oddly and accepted he now has a wife with a big clip in her head.
Life is strange, watched the news today as more ‘devices’ blew up in London, who knows where it will all end?
One thing I know for sure, this country is at war and a war that the majority did not want to happen.
I hate Tony Blair and stand by my constant decision to never elect him….yet the country did ….AGAIN!
I off to blow a light bulb in the toilet._