Handstands In The Dark

Handstands In The Dark

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A True Story of Growing Up and Survival

This evocative, intimate and moving portrayal of a woman forced to fight every day for her family’s future will strike a chord with anyone who has ever struggled against adversity.

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A True Story of Growing Up and Survival

Brought up amid near-Dickensian squalour in the tough East End of Glasgow and sexually abused by her uncle, Janey married into a Glasgow criminal family as a teenager, then found herself having to cope with the murder of her mother, violence, religious sectarianism, abject poverty and a frightening family of in-laws.

First-hand, Janey saw the gangland violence and met extraordinary characters within an enclosed and seldom-revealed Glasgow underworld – from the grim and far-from-Swinging 60s, to the discos of the 70s, to the tidal wave of heroin addiction which swept through and engulfed Glasgow’s East End during the 1980s.

This evocative, intimate and moving portrayal of a woman forced to fight every day for her family’s future will strike a chord with anyone who has ever struggled against adversity.

10 reviews for Handstands In The Dark

  1. Pam

    I’m only halfway through reading this book but amazed at the honesty in the writing. It’s a story that doesn’t seek sympathy from the reader, just understanding of ‘how it was’. It’s beautifully written and every day I look forward to picking the book up. Highly recommended, even before I finish the book.

  2. Veronica Curran (verified owner)

    Could not put this book down.
    WOW and a huge thank you Janey.
    You shared with so much honesty in what was your life.
    Found strength as Janey Godley’
    So glad you found that Comedy Stage and climbed up and shared your Scottish genius .
    Now 2020 your Lifejackets keep us all afloat .Stay safe, take care and be kind to yourself Mrs.We are all here for you, we also all need you to get through these crazy times ♥️

  3. Leigh Smyth (verified owner)

    I read this book in less than a week- it is very well written and easy to read, but heart breaking at the same time. Janey tells her story in a frank and honest way which is breathtaking – the things she’s lived through are unbearable and it’s testament to her that she’s survived and thrived now. I’d love a sequel to follow on her story, so we can see how she got from the end of this book to where she is today….Good on you Janey, you stand tall for all of the other women who have experienced trauma and abuse….keep going! xxx

  4. Linda Crawford

    I’ve read this book I was laughing one minute and in tears the next Janey is a very strong woman and would have to have been with the life she had growing up and her young adult years a very good read. I couldn’t put it down my heart goes out to Janey you are a survivor I would recommend it.

  5. sarah ann rice

    I read Janey’s autobiography back in 2005 when it was first published. I remember I couldn’t put it down. I passed that copy unto a friend. Now I want to read it again …. reordered !

  6. Donna Smith

    Loved this book. I have it on kindle, an early version paperback plus buying again for my mum. I was laughing one minute, crying the next. Some of it is like a kick to he stomach, crying for young Janey and cheering her on the next. This is one strong lady. Just read this book and buy it as presents!

  7. Melissa Bigelow-Overholt

    Janeys book is a beautifully written autobiography of a woman who has overcome some of life’s toughest battles. She is a brave warrior, a kindred spirit, talented and funny. She is a role model for all. 5 out of 5 stars.

  8. Madge Nisbet

    It’s a very good read I couldn’t put it down.

  9. Lorraine Fyfe (verified owner)

    I read this book in a day , I couldn’t put it down , it was captivating and truly honest and very brave to lay your life out in black and white for all to read. I would highly recommend it , gritty , real and honest , such a brave and inspirational woman .

  10. Deborah McLuckie

    Janey has had a life of ups and downs just like the rest of us but she has had more than her fair share. She’s so honest with her story. I must admit one minute I’m laughing then the next I was tears If you get the chance to read I guarantee you will not be able to put it down

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