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06 December 2014

The Bay City Rollers and Me

Picture the scene, it’s 1975 and the girls are in the old school outdoor Victorian toilets standing beside the big radiators rubbing their hands for a smidgeon of heat and I walk in.I budge people up for some warmth on the thick painted cast iron that gives out a dull heat.
Someone shouted “The Bay City Rollers are coming to Glasgow”.
I was stunned, I loved them! I wanted to go and see them. They were HUGE, everyone I know LOVED them. 
 “My dad got me two tickets and then we are going to The Albany Hotel to meet them” said this girl I knew called Donna.  
Everyone was excited at her news.
I piped up “I love them, I might go”.
Donna flicked back her long hair, stared at me and laughed as she pushed me off the radiator and yelled “You can’t even afford the school dinners, you eat out of bins Currie” and all her pals giggled and shoved me on the way out of the toilets. I blinked back tears. 
I hated her, she had everything I wanted like …boobs, shiny long straight blonde hair and really fashionable clothes. I fucking hated her.
I was small, flat chested and had hair so curly and densely thick that no matter what style you got it cut, it went back to its original thicket of black matted wool. Who I am kidding? It was never professionally styled and cut, my mammy trimmed it regularly with the giant wallpaper scissors. 
How could a Bay City Roller ever fall in love with a child-like boyish girl with mismanaged hair and cardboard to block up the holes in her shoes?
I gripped the radiator hard and listened as the others all talked about getting tickets and making plans. I left the toilet with that horrible acceptance that I would never get the money to go. 
Life could be shit in 1975 for us poor ones.
Today I was introduced to Les McKeown from Bay City Rollers at a charity event “This is Janey Godley, she is great stand up comic” the very generous woman said as she nodded to Les. He shook my hand and said “Yea, I have seen your stuff, you are right funny, hiya”
That wee girl standing beside the radiator in 1975 with wet socks wishing she had boobs, untangled hair and the money for a Bay City Rollers ticket finally smiled. 
Fuck you Donna, where ever you are.