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10 October 2011

Life as I know it indeed

Husband has Aspergers, everyone knows this and some people are interested in how it affects our marriage and life, if you are one of those people then here’s a thing- if I say something pretty innocuous like “oh look that couple across the road have painted their door”

He will look at me with a weary look and say “It was me who told you about that painted door about a week ago” I look at him and reply “I don’t recall you telling me the people have painted their door, I have just noticed it now, does it matter who knew first? Am just remarking on a thing my two eye balls spotted!”

He stares at me as if I am mad, what would make me think he would let this go? He obviously told me about that painted door last week and to prove that he barks “You and Ashley were on the couch, you were wearing a towel on your head and Ashley was painting her toenails and I said to you both ‘The people across the car park have painted their door’ it was me who told you this, not you telling me about the door just now, as if I didn’t know about it” I stared blankly at his commitment to this dull uneventful subject.

He then recreated the scene of him telling me about the painted door like a forensic scientist, painstakingly revealing each step of the situation where we were what we were doing when he told us about the amazing painted door. I am surprised he didnt have an overhead projector and slide show of evidence. He was staring at me with agog eyeballs at my forgetful stupidity- how can I not recall where I was when he was telling me important door painting information.

I now hate the painted door and resolve to say in future “That’s right you did tell me about that painted door, why would I mention it as if you knew nothing about it, am nought but a fool?”

These tiny tics in his personality can drive me mad- that and his need to be the original source of any information I have gathered or recently stored in my brain makes me grabby for blunt instruments. The upside is I understand that it is Aspergers that makes him constantly fixate on some daft wee things, that aren’t daft to him but annoying to us.

Having said that I think we all have a wee bit of Aspergers in our psyche, don’t you?
I just hear the words Michael Jackson or Polanski and I am on twitter and facebook getting my dander right up and slightly foamy at the side of my mouth, repeating myself over and over again.

Then again why can we accept that Michael Jackson was an alleged child abuser, yet allowed to get some mates sperm inserted into white women so he can create white children for his own amusement? No social services get in the way? Makes me sick!

My other mildly Aspergers trait is counting steps onstage all across the country/globe and then trying to recall them at a moment’s notice – Nottingham = 3 Glasgow = 2 etc…You get what I mean? Well, I have in my head the number of steps up to the main stage of almost every gig I have ever played worldwide. That’s fucked isn’t it? I don’t think I have any right to talk about husband when I am clearly nuts myself!

I actually said out loud last night to husband “Did you know there are fourteen steps up to the stage area at Brighton Dome” he looked at me and said “It was me that told you that”

He hasn’t been to Brighton Dome, I whipped my head round getting ready to throw this information into his face and he was already laughing at me with a cheeky wink._

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Janey are you coming down to NZ next year? I have a mental health radio an tv show called the nutters club and would love to have u on to discuss living with Aspergers a topic we have only covered once. Check out our FB page The Nutters Club NZ. My contact is mikeking@xtra.co.nz much love to you my dear.