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28 September 2010

The Anniversary Blog

The past month I have been down on my hunkers with a nasty flu, Ashley my daughter got it as well and she was worse than me, it felt like a TB ward in my home. Husband didn’t get it which is good as when he gets flu, it’s like he has had a stroke and paralysis of the torso, but not in his moany mouth.

I almost had to cancel comedy gigs, but instead just went along, stayed away from everyone and shouted random words into a microphone in a funny fashion…I hope.

Husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, we didn’t go away to a swanky hotel as we decided to have the argument at home, we always argue on important dates. I can’t believe we have managed thirty whole years together, I was only 18 when I met him and he was 16 and half years old, then we got married when I was 19 and he was just 18 that month. We were just bloody kids, yet people allowed us to get married, that’s a lack of parental guidance as far as I am concerned.

So here are, running headlong towards middle age, we have both been through our teens, twenties, thirties and forties which makes us sound like brother and sister, and that’s creepy. I don’t think it’s normal to remember when your husband first shaved, or to witness his school leaving party, and a man shouldn’t really recall when his wife had her first period…should they?

Unless they are cousins and its Hicksville USA!

People ask how we have lasted so long and the simple answer is….we openly hate each other quite a lot and that’s healthy and we have angry, bitey sex…but no dogging.

I love my family, talking of family; I went up to see my dad and his latest malapropism made me wet my pants a bit. He actually shouted in the supermarket “Janey, get me some fresh poonanny” People stared, kids giggled and I corrected him by shouting back “yes dad, I will get you some Panini”

On other news the podcast that Ashley and I do has been going great guns, loads of people have subscribed and we are well chuffed with the support its been getting, just check Janey Godley Podcast on ITunes if you want to hear it.

This month I will be doing a big charity event called ‘The Hottest Night of The Year’ where I will be doing a big comedy night. I will be tutoring four prominent business people in Glasgow to do stand up for five minutes. I have to say that the poor people who have volunteered are apoplectic with fear at the prospect of getting up doing comedy.

But they are all coming on well and I am very proud of them and their efforts and it will great on the night. Do come along if you fancy cracking nights out on October 7th at Glasgow Hilton-Tickets are available through kylie.forrest@klevents.co.uk_

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