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05 May 2009

First Night Fun

My opening night at Wellington was just bloody great! A huge turnout and a wonderful audience – Ziggy and the guys at San Francisco Bath House are just the best ever!

They really know how to run a comedy gig and we comics appreciate that.

I am glad my first night went good, it really tired me out. As soon as my show was over I went straight to the hotel and was asleep for 9.30pm!

I got some lovely emails this morning from people who were at the show and they mentioned how poignant the ending was, it really is an emotional show at times, but funny none the less. Am glad the Wellingtonians took to it.

The downside is I still DONT have a phone that works, I have been given two mobiles but BOTH need either unlocked or thrown into the ocean for not working well. Does anyone have a cheap pay as you go phone that needs just phone vouchers and can lend it to me until 25th May? Please?

The comedy fest crew down here in Wellington are awesome, they said “Call us and we will get you anything you need”.

I said “can you get me a phone so I can call you for stuff?” How they laughed.

So tonight in NZ the comedy gala is aired and I am hoping I am on it and someone in NZ can record it on DVD for me.

Ok, its early am on the Skype to husband and Ashley and I am off…speak soon._

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  1. Glad to hear your style’s travelled well and been received with applause over there. I’d imagine it’s a bit daunting. Enjoy the rest of the festival.