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06 July 2007

Trust me I am a doctor…

Is Dr Who going to be the only doctor from lands afar that we can now depend on? The latest news that terrorist cells are being established through the NHS with Pakistani/ Indian originated doctors in the UK is horrifying.
Is Locum a new word for bomb?

We have thousands of Asian doctors in Glasgow and they have always been very well respected. People in Scotland trust medical staff, its how we were raised as kids.

We in the UK always assumed that fundamentalist terrorist groups were made up of uneducated disenfranchised Muslims who needed something to believe in and would go to the lengths of killing themselves and innocent others to prove their point.

Now we know that middle classed educated doctors and medical staff is actually the people behind the latest attacks in the UK and that stuns me.

I live within a huge Muslim community in Glasgow, its great to have diversity. I have noticed changes lately. For instance the sheer amount of guys going to the Mosque in full white robes and long beards, no longer a staple for the older Islamists is growing.

Now the younger guys who used to dress in jeans are fully robed and growing beards.
That doesn’t mean they are terrorists! I am not that bloody naïve, but I have never seen so many younger men in the white with beards as I have before.
I am a comedian and a people watcher, these things I notice.

I used to love watching the diverse mix of young hip Asians getting out of the fancy cars, music booming, dressed like pale rappers and walking to the Mosque to join their elders and shake hands and acknowledge each other in the street.
Now there are less of them and that’s just how it is.

I love living near the Mosque, it is right across from a Church and near and Chapel.
Watching the mix of religious worshipers is interesting for me.

The sheer amount of Afro/Caribbean food shops mixed with Asian shops that sell jewellery, fabrics and beauty products are wonderful in the West End of Glasgow.
That’s what I love the most about living here; we never had that in the East End.
I hate the suspicion that is beginning to grow in my community.
I saw two men come out of a pub yesterday and shout at the guys going to the Mosque. That isn’t helpful.

I have no idea what the government is going to do about our National Health Service being the bedrock for terrorism; I hope it gets sorted out.

The last thing we need is racial attacks on the hard working Muslims that live here and love being Scottish._