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28 June 2007

Warm and Home…

There can be nothing better than your first decent shower in a warm bathroom after Glastonbury. Ashley and I had our first shower in London to be precise. We were staying in a friend of mines house, he is gay and an architect and you should have seen his shower room!
WOW…a huge wet room with pulsating (don’t you just love that word?) shower heads and giant fluffy towels, with heated floors and all the shower products you will ever need in your gay life!
I think I actually shed a skin when I got clean. I had scrubbed and exfoliated and then slathered myself in sweet smelling body lotion…it was heaven.
The downside of the wonderful stay in his lovely house was that he had two mental cats (who would have thought?).
One cat was a huge blue/grey coloured man cat with orange eyes and it jumped about like a bulldog and the other was a tortoiseshell female cat that sat quiet and loved to be stroked.
The big man cat followed me about and kept rubbing his big sturdy back against me and when I went to bed, he promptly leapt onto the bed and bit my feet through the duvet.

To be honest I was tired I didn’t even feel it.

So we are home in Glasgow and my entire suitcase contents needs washed as everything smelled smokey due to the camp fire being near our tent.

Husband is so happy to have us home, yet never had any decent food in the fridge and Ashley through a big huffy tantrum and he had to go get loads of nice food for her today.

I never really explained in my last blog entry how horrible I felt in Glastonbury as the sheer amount of rain and mud made me feel so dirty, wet and miserable. It was awful and so fucking soul destroying beyond belief. Though I really love the festival, I whinged and when I got out and realised that people had actually died in the floods- I shut my moaning mouth and decided to stop being so whiney.

If I go back next year I will most definitely hire a camper van or caravan type vehicle to live in, as that will be warm and safe and easy to deal with. I still have flashbacks of standing up in that tent and stepping into cold rain and trying to stop the flood of water spreading into my dry clothes.

Life is good here in Glasgow and I have learned one thing, homeless people deal with stuff I can never even begin to imagine and I had a warm expensive tent to live in. They sleep on the streets and deal with our weather day in and out without any shelter and I now have the utmost respect for their resilience.
I am selfish and very very grateful._