What's new with Janey
26 June 2007


Well I survived. I am sorry I have not written a blog in days but there was no internet connection whatsoever. Ashley my daughter and I pitched the tent (in the rain) and it was allocated beside the campfire (which never stayed alight because of the rain).
Within hours the whole campsite turned to MUD, by that I mean mud and sludge that was so thick it sucked the wellies off your legs… (In the rain).

I was the first actual stand up to perform in the huge cabaret tent. It took me ages to walk the short distance to the tent due to the huge volume of…did I mention the mud?
Anyway, the gig had all the makings of a nightmare, as I was first on and the room hadn’t had comedy yet as such. But then, the rain came harder and the whole tent filled up!
I walked on stage and had the best half hour gig of my life! It was awesome, I even got to tell a huge long story and in the middle of my set the magnificent crowd was quiet and listening and then from the deluge of wet people all I could hear was a wee “Mwaaa” a baby cried!

The place fell about laughing as I explained that it was the youngest heckle of my life, so we all went quiet again and listened to see if the baby would cry again and it didn’t but we cheered anyway.

Living in the tent was fine, but the relentless rain made everyone so bloody exhausted and having to dredge through miles of knee high mud was making me so upset I cried.
I suppose having a period in the middle of that quagmire wasn’t helping at all. Don’t even think about the toilets!
But I do love Glastonbury, though I silently prayed for escape after about two days.

Ashley had a great time, got to see and hear wonderful music and made fab friends as always. She manages to connect to people and have lasting friendships everywhere she goes.

I on the other hand screamed so loud when a big black beetle ran through my tent everyone laughed as I shouted “Please help me a big beetle is hiding under my jumbo pack of sanitary towels” Ashley was mortified and kicked me.

So I am safely out of the camp and sitting in London waiting to fly home with a huge bag of smokey smelling clothes and hair that will never really be clean and to top to all off I think that beetle is in my case. I saw something scuttle amongst my underwear bag as I reached for clean knickers today and I immediately decided these knickers are clean enough…
Did I mention the rain? Oh yes it rained for eight days solid._