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21 May 2007

Bafta’s and Bare Feet…

Ashley and I have been in London since Friday. We went to the Groucho club Gang Show on Saturday. The show is basically all the talented musicians and performers who are members of the private club; they get together and put on a huge five hour show.

People like Heaven 17, Turin Brakes, Noel Gallagher, Richard O’Brien, Betty Boo and whole host of comics including myself were booked for the night.
I cannot tell you the names of all the amazing jazz and soul bands but my favourite Roland Gift from Fine Young Cannibals was on top form and he kissed me!

That man in a musical God and sex beast as far as I am concerned. Yum.
I am sure he knows I am slightly obsessed but despite this we had a great chat and I got to hear him sing four feet away from my seat…now that is HEAVEN!

Ashley’s life long ambition was also realised when she did the ‘Time warp’ with creator of The Rocky Horror Show Richard O’Brien and led the whole room in the dance. She was ecstatic.

The happiness didn’t last as on Sunday morning when we awoke, my poor baby Ashley started vomiting and we had the BAFTA awards that night…she did manage to stop the sickness and off we trotted all in our glad rags down the red carpet.

The award ceremony was long, but Joan Rivers was there and she was just wickedly funny as always.

The after party was held the awesome Natural History Museum, just yards from our flat here in London. Ashley and I had a fab time, we danced, we drank and we partied till dawn with the fabulous and the famous.
It was extremely odd dancing to Wham! Beside a huge dinosaur and ancient fossils that were on display at the world famous museum, also there were fossils in a dress and high heels – That was me!

So now it is Monday and I fly out to New York tomorrow morning to perform my play and comedy, I am tired, my feet hurt and I managed to rip THREE pairs of tights pulling them on last night…what the fuck are they made of? Butterfly wings? They are expensive and I need to learn how to be a lady and pull on pantyhose properly.

My next blog will be from New York…see you soon._