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25 April 2007

Back Home and Yes I know I am late with this blog…

Glasgow is rainy and cold and my flip flops aren’t working well in the weather.
Ashley was so happy to see us and looks great! She has a wonderful haircut and looks even more beautiful since we last saw her.

Our flat has suspicious marks here and there, like in the toilet there is a stain on the carpet that I can’t figure out and my kitchen units are grubby and it’s strange as all the finger marks are down very low.

Either she had a very drunk dirty dwarf in my flat in my absence OR her mates were all so drunk they went around on their hands and knees!

She has the remains of her wonderful big pink fairy castle birthday cake that was ordered for her 21st birthday party that happened when we were away.
The icing is so thick that one slice would induce a heart attack on swallowing!
I think about 18 kilos of sugar went into the making of that confectionery cake.

I did a gig last night at the Edinburgh Stand comedy club for the Green Party political benefit. I am not sure I agree with all their policies but we have elections coming up and I am still unsure as to where my loyalties actually lie.
I really don’t trust politicians and Tony Blair is the Devil as far as I am concerned.

To think in Britain we hated Margaret Thatcher and now she is the Myra Hindley to Blair’s Fred West…Thatcher looks mildly palatable in the light of Blair. I really hate him.

So that’s my politics for today!
I am neither green nor blue and certainly not quite red yet._