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17 March 2007


Am just home from Dundee, it was amazing. Honestly so lovely and the people were nice. I was booked into a hotel called 25 in Dundee. It’s a boutique hotel and very much big upped itself on its webpage.
Firstly there was NO wi-fi available and you have to check into the hotel through the bar at the back which was strange.

I got to the room on the top floor and it was all lovely and smart fancy furniture but when I went to wash my hands there was no soap or hot water.
I ran back down the three flights of stairs (no lift) and explained to the bar man/concierge person about the hot water situation.

I went out a walk, came back and still no hot tap water or soap…oh well that’s what happens when the bar man is also the chambermaid.
Later on around 7pm I started to get ready for my show at Dundee Rep theatre and then discovered that there was also NO HOT water in the shower.

I ran back down all the stairs and explained this to the poor bar man who was also trying take food and drinks orders. He simply said “I am sorry we have had no hot water for ages”

“You let me check into a hotel with no running hot water? Why didn’t you say so? I know it’s a boutique hotel but surely hot water is a fucking must?” I spluttered.

To cut a long story short which incidentally involved the manager accusing me of lying about asking about the hot water earlier in the day –even when the poor bar man explained that I had asked…I left and checked into the Queens Hotel in Dundee…they had hot running water! Such a luxury…so Stefan King who owns that bloody hotel called 25 in Dundee really needs to stay there himself and see how it feels to try and shower in a freezing stream of water and deal with a manager who calls his guests LIARS.

After that I forgot to tell you what happened last Tuesday.

I watched a woman outside my local PDSA (vets for poor animals). She let her two fat dog’s shit all over the street, and she then chased them into the back of her car and prepared to drive off.
That was until I leaned over and knocked on her window “Excuse me, get out of the car and lift your dog shit up” I yelled at her.

She stared at me, rolled down the window and said “What’s it got to do with you?”

“I live here and right across the road is a children’s nursery and dog poo is a danger to them, you must know it’s wrong to leave dog crap all over the pavement” I answered.

She got out of her car and slammed it shut. Her face was fuming.
She then went into the vet’s office and came out with a plastic bag and lifted up the dog poo and threw it into the bin on the wall.

If she hadn’t I was planning on picking the dog shit up and throwing it at her car.
I may even pick up the shit and carry it up to DUNDEE and throw it at Number 25 hotel …they deserve my shit stick this week._