What's new with Janey
14 March 2007

London and Beyond…

Monday morning I woke up and had to pack quickly for London. I had fallen asleep early the night before and never did my late night suitcase pack up which is my usual ritual.
Husband drove me to airport and I was still groggy.

I realised that day my first ever newspaper column went in the Scotsman Newspaper, so I rushed to the newspaper shop and there was the newspaper.

The top headline had a big colour picture of me and it read “Our New Columnist Janey Godley” I was so excited I squealed a wee bit and flicked open to page 9 and I DON’T have a column I have a WHOLE page to myself!

I am Carrie Bradshaw…but this isn’t Sex and The City and I don’t click about in high heels and write about single women and hot nights with Mr Big.

I was so chuffed I called husband as he drove home from the airport.

“My God, you have to see the Scotsman it’s a huge page and the photo is nice, I am so excited” I shouted into the phone.

Husband wears his hands free Bluetooth ear piece which makes him look like a man from the future…it is silver and the bright blue light flickers. It freaks me out, I was glad I wasn’t there to look at it.

“Yes Janey, we knew it was due to go in today, why are you surprised?” He spoke plainly with his monotone voice. I keep forgetting his Aspergers Syndrome makes him impervious to anything squeaky and exciting.

I smiled, said my goodbyes and hung up and read the page I wrote last week.
There was a funny bit I wrote about my daughter and it made me smile as I sat on the aeroplane, who would have thought I would get to write about her in a newspaper?

The plane took off and before long it landed in Heathrow.

I was in London for a meeting then I went to the Last Comic Standing auditions that were being held at the Comedy Store near Piccadilly.

I was glad that I wasn’t the only comic I knew there, loads of big names were hanging about outside and I was getting more nervous by the minute, especially when the huge film crew started shoving a big camera into my face.

This show is a huge success in USA, it basically is a reality show where stand up comics battle it out week in week out to become the best comic in the WORLD…well according to NBC!

The audition was really odd and I felt so nervous as I tried to make three people laugh in a cold environment, then half way through doing gags I stopped and said “This isn’t what I actually do, I tell stories not gags”
So they let me tell them a story and I relaxed and chatted about what it is I really represent comedy wise.

I did get through to the late night live show but failed to make it to Los Angeles for the next part of the programme.
I am crap at competitions. Remember when I was nominated for Scotswoman of the Year? A Polish woman beat me to the title! That’s how good I am at competing.

I am home, I am tired and I am so excited about writing next week’s column.

Who shall I write about next?_