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09 February 2007

Baby Abi and I…

My baby niece is three years old and has a vivid imagination, in fact it scares me the stuff she says. Yesterday she told me this story…read on.

Abi- “This story starts in a church; don’t worry as it’s a zombie church. There is me, Grandpa, two Meer cats and baby. The baby is dead. The mummy was sad and took the dead baby home, she gave the Meer cat’s two strawberry jellies and then in the night the dead baby woke up and ate the mummies’ face!”

I sat there with Abi’s mum and we stared at each other in horror….dead babies eating their mummies face? YUK!
Apparently Abi loves Tim Burton stuff, no surprise then!

On another subject…

I am sitting here watching a TV show about teenagers who are addicted to porn. I mean for fucksake who would let their teenagers go on TV admitting an addiction to porn…he is now a target for perverts! He is going to get to 30 years of age and shoot his parents in the head for allowing him to go live on telly and talk about wanking himself to death.

Guess what they did to cure him of his sexual wanking addiction? They handed him over to the church! Yes…of course give him to a priest to help with a sex problem! That will work eh?

Husband told me that when he was a teenager porn to him was flicking to the women’s underwear pages of Kay’s Catalogue, he would spend hours ogling women in their knickers and bra’s!
This hasn’t stopped last week the brochure for Bravissimo Bra’s came through for me; it is a bra company that makes amazing bra’s for big boobed women and he sat there flicking through it saying “mmmm nice boobs!”
Took him back to his teenage years!

Porn can’t be all bad or all good…depends on how you use it in your life, I think every teenage boy and girl possibly go through a stage of misusing porn…though I can’t imagine what misusing porn actually is! I think everyone knows what porn is for; porn can be a good world to get into…unless you are Anna Nichole Smith._