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12 August 2006

Fringe day eight….

I know I am a slacker, I have been neglecting me blog badly!

Last night on the way home from a gig up at Bristo Square Ashley and I came across the same wee drunk man who sits near our flat.
He is still saying “Arrgyaddacabbageyuklaucktjsfjh”

Fuck knows what it means.

Ashley went through to Uni yesterday to sit an exam, so if you see her give her a hug, she deserves it.

I was reading in the news all about the new threat of liquid bombs on flights and wondered how long it will be before the scary ANGRY militant Muslims ( I say this as it is politically incorrect to say Muslims in general, and quite rightly so, but to be honest I should be allowed to say Angry Militant Muslims …though this also causes consternation, but I think we all know that it isn’t the ANTI-FUR brigade, because it isn’t them- strangely enough we have to all accept it is a crazy Muslim related group of people that are doing this shit, that’s not me being politically deviant I am just telling it how it is)
Anyway I wonder how long it will be before they start inserting exploding tampax into their bodies. That would be hard to find and easy to hide. I hope that hasn’t given anyone ideas.

I have a sore leg, because my daughter Ashley has written a new scene into the Sketch Show Square Street where she makes me break dance, well to be honest she just drags me around the stage by the ankle. I am so sore.

I have had great reviews for which I am grateful….five reviews, all of them FOUR stars except the Chortle review.

Mind you Steve is always the voice of reason and I respect that though I do wish he had reviewed my autobiography. He has had the book a year and it only has been released on paperback five days and already made it to the Sunday Times Top Ten Best Sellers!
Come on Steve….its becoming strange that you haven’t reviewed it- people will say we are in Love and you don’t want that rumour…it will kill your street cred! LOL

I am pissing myself laughing but with politeness at the Theatre Review from Broadway Baby…they gave me FOUR stars for my play Point of Yes, but the review said three times that I was discussing HEROINE as opposed to HEROIN!
Yes, my character is obsessed with Grace Darling and Florence Nightingale, fuck drugs, and get into women who braved the elements and disease!

Ashley and I had a great show at Moovers and Shakers, a variety bill at the big upside-down cow in Bristo Square. It was really cool to have a really big crowd laugh at the sketches, although Ashley did take the piss out of me continually and make sure everyone there saw my ‘flabby bingo wings’ …she is a bitch.

I have been getting great comments on my website guest book from fellow comics all supporting me and it really warms my soul to see so many people in this business actually send kind words to each other in this frantic madness of Edinburgh…so thanks to all who did.
I love that you took the time to go to my website….Karma will come right back at you in heaps, and boy! do you deserve that. XXX hugs and kisses!_