What's new with Janey
24 June 2006

Ashley is vomiting….

Well I did warn her, she is like me and cannot drink much. Last night she went out clubbing and came home all bleary eyed. This morning when I went into see her, she was lying in her bed, all sprawled out looking like a murder victim, I am sure there was white chalk lined round her. She lifted her face up and her make up was all melted over her eyes, she looked like Gene Simmons from Kiss, except a toddler had applied the make up and rubbed it in with a woolly sock.
There were big black streaks running down her cheeks, her skin was beige and she was lying there with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth the way dead dogs look after they have been hit with a car.
“Are you ok?” I asked stupidly.
“No mum, I have been sick on my Gameboy” she whispered.
I looked on the carpet and sure as fuck there was her wee Gameboy covered in sick.
“Oh dear, more vodka?” I laughed.
I walked out of the room that smelled like a homeless person’s jockstrap and went off to make myself tea.
I do feel sorry for her, like me she can only drink small amounts and then pukes.
So today I am off to clear my head as well, I have spent too many days doing nothing for my shows. I need to go write, my show opens at Soho Theatre in London next week.
Husband is being typically lazy, doing nothing and I mean nothing. It’s making me crazy. I got up this morning and the house is messy, he literally does nothing…he keeps saying he will get round to doing stuff this weekend, yet he still in his bed. Maybe I am being picky and need to lay off everyone and focus on getting my stuff ready for Edinburgh.
Or maybe that lazy fucker needs to get up and clean the place a bit._