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22 June 2006

Crazy Days…

I went to visit my old mate Betsy today. She is as mad as shit and so funny.
Not only were her old drinking pals Tom and Stumpy standing at the door but they had a barky mental dog called Biter.
I brought along my laptop in the hope that I may have got logged into some free broad band and YES it actually worked, so I was able to work and hang out with my old East End mates.
Before it got to 3pm, they were all roaring drunk; the party was in full swing
(I wasn’t, as I don’t really drink) and it was all getting a bit out of hand.
I knew it was time to go when a hot pie was flung at the fireplace. They all started shouting at each other and at that moment a journalist called me, now trust me –Betsy, Tom and Stumpy don’t have the respect to stop screaming when a phone rings. I actually had to pretend to the guy that I was watching a Scottish violent film and would turn it down to hear him talk, what I actually did was run out of the house and take the call in the garden.

That’s my life!
On a funnier note, as Ashley and I were going through the film footage she shot in NZ, there is a small clip of me teasing some big rugby type blokes. I have a bit of banter with them and actually ask them if they are gay strippers.
Turns out the guy I was chatting with is Ali Williams the top All Black Rugby guy! I saw pics of him on google with Prince William, and there was me and Ashley taking the piss out of him! You can see a wee clip of it on this link


So check it out and you can see me ask him if his team mate is his
‘Brokeback mountain’ boyfriend!
Speak soon….._