What's new with Janey
01 June 2006

Sorry I am a late Slag!

I have been over-worked, over excited and over here in NZ for too long and the net was down for a while…sorry I am late but I have an excuse!
The comedy shows have been going great guns at Silo, selling out well and I am so very pleased with that, as you can imagine.
Auckland is sunny again and I have a burnt nose! I am going to Mike Loder’s home today; Mike is the funniest comic in NZ and was the guy who originally inspired me to write my autobiography back in 2002. He encouraged me to keep writing to him and the original draft I wrote was the actual document that got me a book deal….so I love him.
It has been so awesome catching up with my old pals here in NZ but my schedule has been full on and that’s crazy.
Ashley has blended into the Auckland comedy community so well, that people don’t assume she is my daughter as she knows more people than me here and already seems to be part of the fixture and fittings (that’s what she does!) and that’s so heart warming that all my mates got to meet her.
I am writing for BBC radio 4 at the moment and its been hectic trying to fit everything in, remember I am still trying to get everything rehearsed and sorted for Edinburgh Fringe as well…..
I miss husband and it won’t long till I am home now, I get back to Glasgow on 8th May, which is good because sexually the homeless man who lives in the dumpster at the corner of K-Road is starting to look attractive!
I am dreaming about sex, everywhere I look people are having sex, it’s mental.
In the hotel we have the Junior All Black Rugby team staying, and we got a few of them on camera telling us they were a gay dance troupe…watch out for that live blog!
I was lying beside the pool yesterday and a few of those big rugby players came up, stripped and lay beside me….I was like a crazy sex starved bag lady, I almost licked one! Those tight fit torso’s are making me go nutty….I need to get laid soon or stray dogs will die!
I am so sorry I was late here, Ashley is having a ball and has decided she wants to live here, which scares me slightly as I will miss her so much, but I think with the two of us living in such close proximity we have came across personality clashes which I thought would never exist between my daughter and I , but then to me she is still five years old and not a healthy big lovely 20 year old woman….so sparks will fly!
Talk soon_