What's new with Janey
30 May 2006

Auckland is fun….

Well the flight into Auckland was not as troublesome and fairly easier, bearing in mind Auckland has an International Runway unlike Wellington!
Ashley and I are back in the Hotel in Auckland, where we started the tour and it’s great. Feels like home-except home is Scotland!
I had a great gig at the all woman Diva show here in Auckland last night and my one woman comedy show ‘Good Godley’ at the International Comedy Festival opens tonight at Silo Theatre.
I am doing a book signing today with my autobiography ‘Handstands in the Dark’ at Whitcoulls on the Corner today at 12-30. I am excited, I went in yesterday and there was a huge shelf full of my face all over it!
Last night at the Diva’s was well funny, the local awesome comic Jan went on camera (my daughter s making a documentary of the tour) and told the whole story how she is a host on the porn channel here in NZ and she actually had sex with the famous porn star Ron Jeremy when he came to NZ recently! The intimate details were so funny and apparently she is number 5, 683 that he has fucked!
She then stripped for the camera and showed us her boobies! So funny!
I haven’t had sex with anyone famous (other than in my head) but I did have a chat with George Clooney in a toilet and he kissed me on the cheek, I also got to feel Jake Gylenhall’s bum at the BAFTA awards so my stories were dull by comparison.
The weather here is nice, I caught the ferry over to Devonport yesterday for lunch and that place is beautiful and magical. The wee town looks like something out of the weather-clap-board houses from some American family sitcom, somehow familiar yet olde-worlde!
The late night parties have finally caught up with my daughter Ashley, she is exhausted and went to bed early last night, I went to a local Japanese restaurant and the first course was cold hard cabbage leaves with sludgy mayonnaise! Yuk.
I was tempted by the sushi, but after last years fiasco at the Edinburgh Fringe where I ate sushi and had a violent reaction and ended up in the Emergency room getting adrenaline pumped into my blistering body-I passed on the sushi. The last thing I need here in NZ is a visit to the hospital and injections to stop my tongue from swelling up, it aint funny.
I am really looking forward to getting onstage tonight and doing my stuff.
Talk soon._