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19 May 2006

Wellington is Sunny…

Well I am not hitting anymore disabled pervy people. I feel I have been there and done that! I did a gig last night at Indigo Bar, Ashley came along and filmed the gig, and she and I had a good time chatting to the other comics. They really are a nice bunch. We went for a late night drink with Dai Henwood and got home around 3am.
I have never slept past 6am since I have been here and this morning I had a live national radio show at 10am and for the fist bloody time I slept right past 9am. The first time I actually sleep late and I have to get up! Arrrggghhh!!!
Added to this situation is period pains, so there I was all white faced, hair like a scarecrow that has been pecked by ‘Hitchcocks birds’ and a womb like a cluster bomb being chewed by an angry Doberman, sitting opposite a lovely radio presenter talking about my show.
My brain had frozen and I had to keep talking….I may have said too much….again.
I came back to the room and there was a Scottish House keeper (the hotel here in NZ is full of Scots) “Can we get access to your room today?” She snapped at me.
She was small with a wee pinched middle aged face (like me probably) and had that angry look that clearly emitted that the last time she had sex was when Michael Jackson was black.
“No, I am sorry but I have to go to bed and the room is clean, some fresh towels would be good though” I answered as my womb decided to contract and pull most of my lower internal organs into a knot for no reason.
“Well we will need to get in there eventually” her wee angry face spat at me.
“Look what do you think we are doing in there? Starting a drug den? Maybe an illegal gambling pit? I have loads of filming wires and editing stuff and camera equipment all over the place, I don’t need it being moved around to be honest” I walked off and could feel her wee eyes bore into my back.
It is now 10am on Saturday morning and every word I write I misspell, my womb is killing me, I am sore and sleepy, I am tried and want to go home.
I don’t even know what I am supposed to be doing today, I am groggy and started this blog yesterday but still can even get the energy to tap into the key board all the stuff I wanted to say. There is a story about a video shop assistant and some funny ditties about clothes shopping, but when you have to re type every word as you go, your brain decides to stop working and you want to lie down again and over dose on painkillers and hope your womb fucks off out of your body.
Sorry talk soon Janey_